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It is so very necessary to clean your Poultry Incubator between batches of eggs as this increases the chance of survival of the chicks and increases their healthiness.
I am going to show you how to clean my R-Com 20 fully automatic Incubator.

Here is a photo of the incubator. It comes apart into the lid (clear plastic and washable), the white electronic main body(not washable EVER but must be wiped clean and vacuumed), the egg tray (cream coloured plastic and washable), the turning tray (grey coloured plastic and washable) and the base (grey coloured plastic and washable).

Shown here are the egg tray (cream coloured), the turning tray (grey) and the bottom of the incubator (also grey coloured) all in a weak solution of White King bleach. Just a single squirt will do the trick. Don't wear good clothes when you do this as a splash of bleach soluti9on can leave a faded mark on your clothes.
I use an old wash-up brush to get all the muck off the components. Rinse them all with fresh water and dry with an old towel.

I use a spare cloth and the bleach solution to wipe the muck away from the inside of the electrical part of the incubator. Please note that at no time is this section to be immersed in water.
The inside and outside need a good clean with the bleachy cloth and then dried with the towel.

This next step I learnt the hard way. I had a bad hatch and was advised by BellSouth people that I needed to clean the dander and fluff out of the slots in the cream (electrical) component of the incubator. Shown here is me vacuuming the underside of the main body of the incubator.

Flip the main body of the incubator over and vacuum the slots on the upper side as well.
When totally clean reassemble your incubator exactly the same as you took it apart. Make sure the turning plate is the correct way up. Make sure the egg tray goes in last and then the clear lid is placed on top.
This will all help to increase your hatch out rates.


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