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About Australorp Poultry Table Top
Young chicks having a feed near their coup in the house backyard.
Our aim is to breed quality happy Australorp Poultry that will do well in the backyard environment and will be good with kids. We breed our Australorps for strength and sustainability in the harsh Australian climate. As long as you keep clean cool water up to them the chickens will be fine over hot summer days. The only time they stop laying for a while is in the depths of winter and lets face it we all stop most of our activities then too.
Our Australorp chooks live a lot longer than common hybrid varieties of chickens and so they become part of the family. Many Austrolorp keepers tell me they have named their "girls". The chickens are inquisitive also so you can interact with your poultry.
 We source quality genetics and are confident that if you wish to show the birds it will be possible.Yet the poultry do well in an average backyard environment and lay eggs happily most of the year.

We are a boutique Australorp poultry stud yep a chicken hobby gone mad and pretty much sell all our excess stock.

Mobile 0419 633 995  Brad

Alfred The Australorp Rooster and one or two of his girls.
"I really love my Australorp Poultry that I got from you. They are really friendly even the rooster. I saw some other Australorps at an auction and I thought mine are much better than that!" From Natalie F

 "Children love having the day olds and 
it gives your chickens a great
opportunity to bond with your family"


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