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Welcome to Australorp Poultry. We were worried about the nutrition of the eggs we buying from the shop? We worried about the welfare of the hens that lay them. Thats why we joined the backyard chook keeping revolution. Every average sized backyard can fit a chicken tractor in which to house your 2 - 3 Australorp chickens. We send the kids out to collect the eggs for a fresher than fresh omelet. Enjoy getting to know our chooks.We are serious hobiests that love sharing our passion with other enthusiasts.
Australorp Poultry Breeders in their lock-up night yard.We specialise in Large Black Australorps, the only Australian breed of backyard chicken, bred specifically for our ranges of climate in Australia. We source our stud Australorp roosters from show winning blood lines so we can guarantee our genetic superiority. We breed Australorp chickens throughout the warmer months. Our Australorp poultry are completely free range, in fact we have built a 2m high fence around the 2 acre paddock to protect them from fox attack. We are a boutique Australorp breeding stud so our chooks are quiet and used to people. They are all hand reared by us. They follow us around when it is feed time. They return to their chicken tractor on their own accord at sunset. Australorps are well known for there friendly natures especially with kids. (No one needs to be flown at by a cranky rooster)
Alexander the australorp Rooster and a couple of his girls
Here we see one of our breeding Roosters, Alexander, with his girls. We try to keep the rooster to hen ratio no higher than one to 10.  We run two separate show blood lines so there is a good variety of strong Australorp genetics. We sell our pullets at 8 weeks of age as they can be sexed reliably then and they can settle in to their new family as they continue to grow to adulthood.
For those who want to have a go at raising their own chicks we sell fertile eggs that we have excess of especially during the warmer months. Our method of packaging has to date been very successful with posting and we have found Australia Post to be on the whole reliable. We also sell day old chicks to order and by pick up only.
 Please look around the site and get back to us with any orders or questions.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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